Michael Kush and Jennifer Kingen Kush

Chasing Harvest was created by husband and wife team, Michael Kush and Jennifer Kingen Kush.

‘Chasing harvest’ is a wine industry term that describes travel between the northern and southern hemispheres for extra vintage seasons in one year. After Mike’s first vintage in Sonoma, friends suggested we chase harvest, 23 harvests later, the rest is history.

With just our passports and backpacks, a passion for adventure, travel, and wine inspired us to ‘chase harvest’ across five continents, eight countries, and 23 vintages. We use our experiences of the world’s greatest wine regions to handcraft our limited edition wines.

Our journey has taken us all over the world from the vineyards of Burgundy and Cahors, France; to the slopes of the Mosel; the Western Cape of South Africa; Sonoma, California; Italy and Argentina; historic Douro Valley, Portugal and its antipodes Central Otago, New Zealand. We are grateful to all of the talented winemakers we have worked with along the way. 

Our Label

The Chasing Harvest label is based on a classic 1950’s bus roll. ‘Making All Stops,’ it lists the destinations of our travel and highlights our home base, Chicago. Each country represents a place we have worked the harvest developing our craft as winemakers.

This concept captures the spirit of our lives and project because for us, the journey has always been part of the adventure.

Christy Smith, owner of the design firm STUDIO KAST in Chicago, designed the labels. Recently, it was named one of the best wine labels of 2013 by Graphic Design USA and chosen as the 50th anniversary awards magazine cover.